Guia de tanking equip antes de Kara

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Guia de tanking equip antes de Kara

Mensagem  Shinju em Dom Fev 10, 2008 2:05 pm


Stamina/HP:(12000hp) This is an acceptable start for raiding. It’s easily done and exceeded with proper enchanting and gem placement. More is defiantly better, and appreciated by your healers, but this is a decent start.

Defense:(490def)This amount makes you "unable" to be critically hit by the majority of raid mobs. Some bosses will still critically hit you regardless of your defensive number, but 490 is needed regardless to help avoid damage. Again, more is better but should not be stacked at the loss of other stats such as stamina.

Dodge/Parry/Block:(15%) This is the target minimum percent of all three stats you should attempt to have before entering kara to help avoid damage. Block is usually easily attained and surpassed while dodge may take some intent to reach depending on your gear stats. Parry is the hardest to attain out of the three due to the high +parry to parry% conversion but still relatively easily reached.

Armor:(13000) This is a decent starting amount of armor for kara to help mitigate as much damage as possible. 12000 is acceptable and can be dealt with, especially in an off-tank role, but as per usual more is better. This is arguably the easiest stat to attain and surpass as long as you are wearing all or mostly level 70 pre-kara blues that are meant for tanking such as the bold dungeon set.


[Felsteel Helm](Crafted)
[Warhelm of the Bold](Drop)
[Greathelm of the Unbreakable](Drop)
[Myrmidon's Headdress](Quest)

[Natasha's Battle Chain](Quest)
[Strength of the Untamed](Reputation)
[Mark of the Ravenguard](Quest)

[Shoulderguards of the Bold](Drop)
[Warchief's Mantle](Quest)

[Cloak of Eternity](Crafted)
[Burnoose of Shifting Ages](Drop)
[Devilshark Cape](Drop)

[Breastplate of the Bold](Drop)
[Jade-Skull Breastplate](Drop)
[Vindicator's Hauberk](Reputation)
[Breastplate of the Warbringer](Quest)

[Sha'tari Wrought Armguards](Quest)

[Felsteel Gloves](Crafted)
[Gauntlets of the Bold](Drop)

[Sha'tari Vindicator's Waistguard](Quest)
[Deathforge Girdle](Drop)

[Timewarden's Leggings](Reputation)
[Greaves of the Shatterer](Drop)
[Felsteel Leggings](Crafted)
[Legplates of the Bold](Drop)

[Sha'tari Wrought Greaves](Quest)
[Obsidian Clodstompers](Drop)
[Flesh Beast's Metal Greaves](Quest)

[Elementium Band of the Sentry](Drop)
[Iron Band of the Unbreakable](Drop)
[Andormu's Tear](Quest)
[Protector's Mark of Redemption](Quest)
[Wind Trader's Band](Quest)

[Adamantine Figurine](Drop)
[Dabiri's Enigma](Quest)
[Figurine of the Colossus](Drop)
[Regal Protectorate](Quest)

[Grom'tor's Charge](Quest)
[Terokk's Nightmace](Drop)

[Ogri'la Aegis](Reputation)
[Platinum Shield of the Valorous](Drop)
[Crest of the Sha'tar](Reputation)
[Netherwing Protector's Shield](Quest)
[Aegis of Sunbird](Drop)

Ranged Weapon:
[Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer](Crafted)

Heroic Gear & Heroic Badge Gear:
Heroic instances and heroic badges can be a good way to attain better quality gear or supplement missing pieces of gear or stats for raiding. Heroic instances are difficult to do when under geared so I would suggest gearing up as much as possible before attempting them. This means that you will most likely be unable to attain this gear during your pre-kara gear up. Heroic badges drop from all heroic instance bosses as well as from bosses in Karahzan and Zul’Aman.

Heroic Instance Drops:
[Lion's Heart Girdle](Waist)
[The Fel Barrier](Shield)
[Yor's Revenge](Ring)
[Spaulders of Dementia](Shoulder)
[Amber Bands of the Aggressor](Wrist)
[Eaglecrest Warboots](Feet)
[Gauntlets of Dissension](Hands)
[The Sun Eater](Sword)
Gear Purchased with heroic Badges:
[Slikk's Cloak of Placation](Cloak, 35 Badges)
[Necklace of the Juggernaut](Neck, 25 Badges)
[Amani Mask of Death](Head, 75 Badges)
[Bonefist Gauntlets](Hands, 60 Badges)
[Bracers of the Ancient Phalanx](Wrist, 35 Badges)
[Iron-tusk Girdle](Waist, 60 Badges)
[Unwavering Legguards](Legs, 75 Badges)
[Ring of Unyielding Force](Ring, 25 Badges)
[Azure-Shield of Coldarra](Shield, 33 Badges)
[Gnomeregan Auto-Blocker 600](Trinket, 41 Badges)

I would not suggest putting expensive gems in a piece of gear unless you believe it will last for a decent amount of time. Remember, you cannot remove gems once they are placed; only replace them, destroying the current gem in the process.

[Solid Star of Elune](12stam)
[Solid Azure Moonstone](9stam)
[Sovereign Nightseye](4str 6stam)
[Sovereign Shadow Draenite] (3str 4stam)
[Enduring Talasite](4def 6stam)
[Enduring Deep Peridot](3def 4stam)
[Glinting Noble Topaz](4hit 4agi)
[Glinting Flame Spessarite](3hit 3agi)
[Shifting Nightseye](4agi 6stam)
[Shifting Shadow Draenite](3agi 4stam)

Heroic Drops:
[Assassin's Fire Opal]
[Brutal Tanzanite]
[Champion's Fire Opal]
[Defender's Tanzanite]

Enchants are a great way to supplement gear stats. In traditional tank fashion stamina enchants on just about everything is the norm. Besides stamina, other useful tank enchants include armor, dodge and strength among others.

Reputation & Crafted:
[Glyph of the Defender](Reputation)
[Inscription of Warding](Reputation)
-[Greater Inscription of Warding](Reputation)
[Clefthide Leg Armor](Crafted)
-[Nethercleft Leg Armor](Crafted)
[Heavy Knothide Armor Kit](Crafted)

From Enchanting:
Chest: (150HP)
-(+6 All Stats)

Cloak: (120 Armor)
-(12 Dodge)

Wrist: (12 stam)

Gloves: (15 str)

Boots: (12 stam)

Weapon: (Mongoose)

Shield: (18 stam)

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Re: Guia de tanking equip antes de Kara

Mensagem  Olef em Dom Fev 10, 2008 10:44 pm

Té as passao affraid shinju,

tens aqui uma coisa muito boa para mim e agradeçote ainda por cima so vou com 5000 pontos de vida e ate aos 13000 alien que é necessario para cara vai ser dificil mas o material cyclops que colocaste vai ajudarme muito obg


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